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Our Yogis


Started dabbling in yoga part time off his acting career in 2015, Rakkesh Pathak has been learning and teaching with Chakra Project. Determined, focused & skillful - he can really make a practitioner yogic strong. 

His strengths are upper body balance, core strength & incorporation of functional training into the yoga class and his own dry sense of humour which makes your crack up at the wrong (right) times.


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An avid Iyengar yoga practitioner and teacher for 3 years, Reet Chugani has practiced all kinds of yoga for the past 10 years in Hong Kong. 

Currently she teaches in mumbai at chakra project, Yoga 101 and other prominent studios.

Strong command, Precise instructions & intuitive usage of props to get the posture alignment  - all of this sprinkled with her own humility & humour. That is what makes her class very engaging and hooked - for the practioners.

Currently, She teaches the wednesday 6pm Saturday 8am and restorative yoga on 5pm at Chakra Project, Lokhandwala.




Santhanam Sridharan has been & practicing teaching yoga for the past 10 years having taught in mumbai, bengaluru & sydney. An X-software engineer & an MNNIT graduate, Santhanam gave up the "corporate career" and devoted his life to explore yoga & spirituality . The yearning to understand life beyond the confines of socially-conditioned narratives and material living led him to the path of yoga. 

In 2017, He spent 35 days in Sri Sri School of yoga ashram to further enhance his knowledge and to go deeper into sattic & meditative states.
He keeps doing Courses/ workshops from Svyasa and various other shalas/ ashrams in Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Dharamshala and Sydney. 
He has worked with Bharat Thakur's Artistic Yoga's team in the past (2009 - 2012) and experienced many of his "concepts" and "idealogies" broke during that period 

Currently living in Mumbai, he teaches out of "Chakra Project" which is a humble yoga teaching set up he created in Lokhandwala, Chakra project also caters to corporate sessions & personal sessions.

Intense and Meditative is how he likes his yoga and everything else in his life to be. He believes, "When you strive to attain an asana (a yogic posture) in all its perfection, you have no choice but to be transformed for good". The essence of his classes can be categorized as Hatha Yoga, Dynamic Vinyasa flow, modified ashtanga vinyasa flow and in its rudimentary term (and his less than favorite term) "Power yoga". He believes that  if a student walks out with more joy than how they walked in to the class, the yoga is achieved. In the long run, he demands from himself a transformation at physical, level, emotional and spiritual levels for his clients.

Other than that he indulges in local hiking, himalayan trip and meditation retreats every chance he gets. Other than that he loves travel, long drives, binges on American TV and personal development programs.



Having been an meditation teacher (Art of living Happiness Program) for past 6 years makes her yoga teaching practice more sattvic, more holistic and leaves the practioners with happiness & peace.

She trained as a yoga teacher with Sri Sri School of Yoga in 2017. Always bright and bubbly, her classes are traditional hatha yoga style with focus on pranayama, guided meditations, yoga nidra & a simple asana sequence. 

Currently She teaches at Chakra Project on Tuesdays and Thursdays 8AM. She also does personal classes.