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It is estimated that stress costs industry upwards of $300 Billion annually in employee burn out, reduced productivity, absenteeism, and turn over. Fortunately most stressors are lifestyle related and therefore potentially preventable. 

Cost of Stress : 2,13,82,50,00,00,000.00 Indian Rupee

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It is your responsibility to invest in the well being of your workforce and people around you, both mentally and physically. So contact us and know more about individual corporate deals based on the need of the company

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The workshop is short 1 hour module made for the corporate employees who work on their computers/ desk but don't find time and space for an hour long yoga practice. Santhanam has led many corporate sessions in offices in Sydney, Mumbai and Bangalore.
Participants learn a short 10-15 minute sequence of "Desktop Yoga" which they can practice on their own to take care of their body (pain free and healthy - lower back, Neck, wrist, knees, eyes ) & Mind (reduced stress, increased focus & productivity, clear decision making).

The Workshop incorporate 4 simple modules:

(a) A series of simple yoga-asanas that can be done while sitting in chair - to engage and strengthen major muscles & joints for healthy physical life. Practiced over a period of time will yield great positive results in a matter of 5 to 8 weeks.

(b) A simple Pranayama technique - breathing techniques to balance & energize the system

(c) A short mindfulness exercise - for calm, content & happy state of mind

(d) A small introduction talk & small Q & A at the end.

Desktop yoga

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